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What's On - Geography Stage 5 - Digital Education Revolution and using Google Earth

Geography Stage 5 - ISER Digital Education Revolution Collaborative Schools Project


During 2011 and 2012 Bournda EEC has coordinated projects which aim to have students use the capabilities of Google Earth during   their Geography studies.

To find out more about what we have been up to with the ISER DER Collaborative School Projects??

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Need more information on how to use Google Earth??                                                                                    

See below







Helpful Hints on Using Google Earth


Use the information below to help you learn more about using Google Earth. This information can be helpful to both teachers and students.



Use Google Earth as a teaching tool - you can find out lots of ready-made GE files on just about everything on the Web

Google Earth for Educators

Geo Education Home


Develop your Google Earth skills by adding content to your own project

Google Earth Tutorials Here you can learn to create your own content by adding images with web addresses, text, links, video etc

How to use Google Earth - Easy users guide

Google Earth Users Guide Check the information matches your version of Google Earth FIRST!

Sign up for the Google Earth Newsletter

Sightseer Newsletter  
Some "home-made" video tutorials

Setting up Google Earth


More setting up of Google Earth

Some Basic Instructions

While these videos refer to a file you haven't got they will still help you get started in Google Earth.

Select decimal degrees for latitude and longitude if desired

How to open contents from an open Google Earth file                                                                  

How to add images to Google Earth Adding images to Google Earth placemarks

Beware the information here is Version specific

If you are running Google Earth 6.1 or above the directions may no longer work

Note: Google Earth version 6.0.1 is installed on most DER Laptops


Student adventures in Google Earth can help them understand their Geography fieldwork

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