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Our Links - Greenhouse

Greenhouse Calculators

ABC's Planet Slayer Greenhouse Calculator
Adventures, frequently asked questions, facts and links to greehouse resources. Find out when you should die.

Personal Greenhouse Calculator (University of Sydney)
This calculator uses input/output analysis (life cycle analysis) to show the greenhouse impact of your lifestyle. Instead of focusing only on energy consumption, it takes into account the full upstream costs of everything we do - from buying a vacuum cleaner to eating a steak.

Ecological Footprint Calculators Best Foot Forwards
Answer 13 questions and find out how many planet Earths we'd need if everyone lived the way you do.

Earthday Network Ecological Footprint Calculator (international)
No matter which continent you live in, you can answer 20 questions and find out your ecological footprint, and how far that is from a sustainable level worldwide.

What is Greenhouse

Australian Greenhouse Office
A simple, thorough explanation of what greenhouse gases are, how we make them, what the enhanced greenhouse effect is and what the effects of climate change will be. What You Can Do At HomeYour Home - your guide to a more environmentally sustainable home. Your Home is a suite of consumer and technical guide materials and tools developed to encourage the design, construction or renovation of homes to be comfortable, healthy and more environmentally sustainable.

Global Warming: Cool It! (Australian Greenhouse Office)
A home guide to reducing energy costs and greenhouse gases, this site gives you the low down on appliances, heating & cooling, transport and food. Tips on what to look out for, and some alarming impact facts!

Energy Smart Allies Program
An initiative of the NSW Government's Sustainable Energy Development Authority

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