bournda eec
bournda eec

Subtidal Rocky Reefs

The subtidal reefs adjacent Bournda National Park are comprised mostly of kelp forests dominated by Eklonia and Phyllospora species, interspersed with areas of bare rock covered only by thin crustose coralline algae.

The kelp forests provide structure and habitat for a great diversity of species. Common fish species include wrasse, morwong, damselfish, drummer, snapper and many more. Crayfish, abalone, sea urchins, sea stars, octopus as well as a rich diversity of marine flora occur in this habitat.

In the deeper waters where sunlight does not penetrate as far, the kelp becomes less dominant and sponges, ascidians and other encrusting invertebrates occupy a greater percentage of the reef surface. 

Biscuit Star  Pentagonaster dubeni

Biscuit Star