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Threatened Species at Bournda

Yellow Bellied Glider

The Yellow-bellied Glider is a large, active, sociable and vocal glider. Adults weigh 450 - 700 grams, have a head and body length of about 30 cm and a large bushy tail that is about 45 cm long.

A Yellow-bellied Glider

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Powerful Owl

The largest owl in Australasia. Adults reach 60 cm in length, have a wingspan of up to 140 cm and weigh up to 1.45 kilograms.

The Powerful Owl

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Hooded Plover

Plovers are small to medium-sized shorebirds with short bills, large eyes and rounded heads. The Hooded Plover is a medium-sized, stocky, pale-coloured plover, 19 - 23 cm in length with a wing-span of 26 - 44 cm.

Hooded Plover adult Hooded Plover eggs

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Sooty Owl

A medium -sized owl to 45cm long.  Dark sooty -grey in colour, with large eyes in prominent flat, heart-shaped facial disc. The sooty owl has been spotted in local moist eucalyptus forests and rainforests.

A Sooty Owl

Listen to its call

David Gallan, local resident (and occasional Bournda EEC staff member), recently took this amazing footage of a sooty owl in bushland just north of Bournda National Park.  Our thanks to Dave for the use of this footage.

Play the movie

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